Through the lens art. Taking still digital imagery & transforming it through creativity into art beyond the boundaries of conscious thought.

About Metamorpheus
The name Metamorpheus comes from Meta and Morpheus.  Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams and unconscious though and Meta  is from the Greek meaning "beyond" the subject.  You may have heard of the Metadata of a photograph, well this just means the information about the image, the data "beyond" what you can see.  

From this I get the name of the company.  Metamorpheus intends to produce modern art imagery through manipulation of digital photography and videography, but beyond the usual Photoshop tweaking you are probably familiar with.  

However, the Metamorpheus project will take time and I need to develop it at a pace where we can take our customers and potential customers on our journey with me.  For this reason you will see an evolution of imagery along the way.  

Subscribe to email updates via the contact form and I will keep you informed.  Let me know the images you do like and those you're not so keen on and why.  But please remember that the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder and even if you don't like a particular creation there should be plenty on here that you do like.Type your paragraph here.

Welcome to the site, have a look around and let me know what you think of it either via the contact form or the guestbook. Improving the site is a constant struggle of time doing admin against time with a camera, but I do my best to please my customers and push the boundaries of digital photography. 

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