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Commercial Rates

Commercial Photography

Photography Rates (ex VAT)Standard Image UsagePremium Image Usage
1st Hour and Setup Fee£285£285
Additional Hour or Part Hour£150£200
Half Day (up to 4 hours)£600£800
Full Day (up to 8 hours)£950



  • Mileage up to 50 mile (single trip, total 100 miles per assignment) is included in the above rates, additional mileage is charged at £0.25 per mile.  Other disbursements (where needed) are charged at cost.
  • Above rates include basic processing, additional and bespoke processing is charged at £75 per hour or part hour.
  • Above rates include 1st CD or DVD (depending on image number/size), additional discs are charged at £3 per CD or £5 per DVD.
  • Prints are charged separately, prices on request.
  • Final usage of images and the number required may have an impact on the final cost.
  • A minimum half day rate is charged for all tasks further than 50 miles away from my office in Peterborough.

Image Processing
1st CD/DVD (depending on number/size of images) is included in the rates for commercial photography, additional discs are charged:

  • CDs at £3 per disc (ex VAT)
  • DVDs at £5 per disc (ex VAT)

Basic image processing is included in the price, additional and bespoke processing is charged:

  • £75 per hour or part hour (ex VAT)Prints are available as a special order and are charged separately, prices on request.

Stock Usage

In-House non-commercial magazine/leafletPublicly distributed or trade magazine/leafletBrochure/Company Report

Images sized as requested.

Don't forget to check the Ts & Cs on the info page.

Commercial Photography

Just a small selection of my offerings:

Webvert for Online and Interactive Marketing
Metamorpheus Ltd provide digital media for online advertising for corporate customers and fine art prints to the consumer. 

If you thought video advertising was outside your budget then you'll be pleasantly surprised by my offerings, a 3 minute webvert production would cost you about 10% of the cost of a evening TV advert in a single region. And of course, placed on your website, Facebook page or YouTube channel it can reach a much bigger and tailored audience.  You can even place your video into your email marketing in newsletters or an eFlyer.  Supporting your online media with other interactive tools can mean that it will last you a lot longer than a printed flyer as you update the product or service availability.  With so many people now accessing their emails and social media sites from mobile devices you can even ensure you cater to the tech savvy millennial generation and don't miss out on easy marketing opportunities.  If an email starts an interaction when you open it you are far more likely to stop and take notice.  If you don't even have to read it because it plays a video it will even entice those with the shortest of attention spans!
To find out how you could dramatically improve your interactive media content with a 3 minute webvert contact Metamorpheus Ltd today and stop missing out.

You can use any format for an eFlyer and the beauty of my service is that you get whatever format and resolution you want - giving you even greater opportunity to tailor your advertising strategy exactly as you want it.  There are so many different codecs and varieties within the codecs that I will advise you what is your best option.  However, my service does not limit you to a single codec, you get what you need and that might be 10 or 20 different versions, Flash, YouTube ready, DVD ready, the list is not endless but it is quite long!

Video Editing
If you already have your RAW footage and just need someone to edit and package the video then Metamorpheus Ltd can help you out. Contact me with your requirements and I'll provide a quote.  I use both Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro for video editing and a variety of different programmes for FX, sound, stills and encoding.

Corporate Photography

Metamorpheus Ltd can also provide stills photography for your business, whether to support an advertising campaign or for an internal publication contact me to discuss your requirements.

Other Videography and Photography Services

Maybe you're having a corporate away day, product launch or corporate event and you need someone to document the event for your website or corporate journal.  Are you thinking of producing internal training videos but don't have the internal expertise?  Whatever your digital still and moving image requirements are Metamorpheus Ltd have a package to suit your needs.  Contact me today to start your company taking advantage of digital media and social networking

I also offer:

  • Product photography
  • Estate Agency work
  • Corporate Wall Art
  • Restaurant photography
  • Hotel photography
  • Internal photography
  • Event photography 
  • Architecture and Construction photography

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