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Consumer Rates
A note on pricing of our consumer services:

At Metamorpheus Ltd I offer a quality service rather than cheap, sometimes inferior services, just check out the galleries for reassurance of my quality and skilled photography.  Also I don't add costs to items I buy in just for you.  If you want an album or book printing I will recommend products to you and order on your behalf at no more than the price on the website - I do not mark-up these items, if I can negotiate a discount I will. The only thing I charge for on albums and books are the cost of the item plus any additional processing time - which would be exceptional because most of the processing has already been done.

Further, check out the special offers page for details of current offers.  If you're not too sure about the price you would need to pay for a specific service call me or drop me an email and I will provide you with an estimate, if you have a budget that you must stick to, let me know so that I can tailor the service to that budget.

I don't claim to offer you something that's not actually offered.  Many sites may offer "copyright free" images.  Please check the license terms and conditions before you buy a copyright free disc because they rarely are.  Copyright will always remain with the photographer or company for whom they work.  Your copyright disc will probably allow you to print a set number of images or share with family, it will not allow you to sell the photographs or use them in commercial work (you shouldn't even share them with commercial organisations such as the florist or venue without specific permission from the photographer, who will probably then charge those organisations).  I will offer you a disc with images that you may print individually or in collections (albums, books etc), you may give those books or prints to other family members and friends (and they can pay the costs of printing) but you may not sell the prints, books or albums etc.  You may also share the images on social media sites so long as there is a clear indication that copyright remains with Metamorpheus Ltd - I will provide a folder of social media ready images for you to share in this way. I am open about copyright ownership and will not try and hide my ownership behind fancy words or offers.

Please also read the Legal Information at the top of this page and my Terms and Conditions, if you're not sure about anything give me a call or drop me an email and I will explain.

All prices listed below are excluding VAT, but at the moment I'm not registered for VAT so you don't pay it for my services anyway. Payment can be made by PayPal, iZettle (card reader) or BACS, any cheque payments will need to clear before orders are processed, you will receive an invoice for any orders and a receipt once the payment has cleared.

Consumer Photography

Photography Rates (ex VAT)Per HourPer ½ day(up to 4 hours)Full day (up to 8 hours)
Social & Event Photography or Private Commissions£175£600£950


  • Mileage up to 50 mile (single trip, total 100 miles per assignment) is included in the above rates, additional mileage is charged at £0.25 per mile.  Other disbursements (where needed, e.g. social photography entrance fees) are charged at cost.
  • Above rates include basic processing, additional and bespoke processing is charged at £75 per hour or part hour.
  • Above rates include 1st CD or DVD (depending on image number/size), additional discs are charged at £3 per CD or £5 per DVD.
  • Prints, albums and books are charged separately, prices on request.
  • A minimum half day rate is charged for all tasks further than 50 miles away from our office in Peterborough.

Fine Art Prints

Most prints from images on this website are available on canvas prints up to 406 x 304 mm (approx A3 size) at 18 mm thick for £200, other surfaces (photographic paper, aluminium, MDF or thicker canvas) and sizes are available and prices vary accordingly, this price is given as a guide price only.

Don't forget to check my terms and conditions on the info page.