Social Photography

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At Metamorpheus Ltd I don't do traditional studio portrait photography, but I do offer a different sort of family-based social photography.

The principle is that I spend some time with the family who want pictures in a relaxed environment and take photos of them enjoying family time together.  Maybe this would be at a BBQ on a summer evening or a picnic in the local park, or any other relaxed non-formal occasion.  The idea is to catch those unplanned moments when the family are relaxing and having fun - the moments you wish you could take a picture but when you think of it someone has to either leave the rest of the group to take the picture, or if you get a passer-by to take it for you it becomes a posed photo and the moment is lost.

In this gallery you'll see some of this style of picture I've taken (of my daughter) over the past few years.  Some are obviously posed, but most are candid shots.  The relaxed attitude from myself helps her to pose in a natural manner when requested and the rest of the time she quickly becomes oblivious to the presence of the camera because she's too busy having fun.

If you think you might be interested in such a service get in touch with your idea for the occasion, but remember it should be informal, relaxed and an intimate family setting.  If you're not sure about what occasion to use also get in touch and I'll help you go through the process.